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Find out how we can help you recover the balances owed to you without you having to pay anything our of pocket. 

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For clients looking for a flat fee solution, our InvoiceGuard program provides the protection needed at a low monthly premium.

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Debt Collectors International, Inc. only works with experienced collectors that are skilled in every aspect of debt collections, skip tracing and judgment enforcement tactics. Backed by industry leading training programs and an army of network attorneys worldwide, we have the experience needed to generate the results you need. 

Over 30 Years Of Commercial Collection Experience
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Industries We Serve

Specialized Solutions In All Industries

Our agents are experienced in every industry imaginable. With a diverse staff with experience across various industries, we understand the challenges and complexities that come with handling cases in your field. 

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Our Areas of expertise

Dispute Resolution

Our agents are skilled negotiators that can skillfully mediate disputed claims without incurring the costly expense of a private mediator. When you are faced with a disputed debt, allow our agents to quickly and fairly negotiate a resolution.

Skip Tracing and Asset Location

Our team of expert skip tracers and the network of private investigators we work with can quickly locate your debtors and help identify assets to ensure the maximum recovery possible.

Judgment Enforcement 

When it comes to collecting a judgment, having a skilled partner who understands the complexities of post judgment enforcement is paramount to successfully collecting your obligation. Our agents and network attorneys know what it takes to get your judgment recovered.

Accounts Receivable Management

Any business that offers credit terms must maintain a watchful eye over their outstanding Accounts Receivables. When accounts go too far behind it is vital to utilize and effective third party collection partner to keep distressed accounts from becoming write offs. Our skilled team will keep you distressed Accounts Receivable performing.

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How We Work

Phase 1

  • Daily Phone Calls
  • Demand Letters
  • Skip Tracing
  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Dispute Resolution

Expect our collector to place daily phone calls for the first 14 to 21 days in an attempt to contact the debtor. If all attempts to reach a conclusion to the account fail, we go to Phase Two, where we immediately forward the case to one of our affiliated attorneys located within the debtor’s jurisdiction.

Phase 2

  • Local Attorney
  • Legal Demand Letters
  • Legal Case Evaluation
  • Advanced Dispute Resolution

The receiving attorney or one of his staff members will immediately start attempting to contact the debtor via telephone, in addition to the series of letters. If all attempts to reach a conclusion about the account continue to fail, you will have a decision to make.

Phase 3

Our recommendation will be one of two things:

• If after a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding the case and of the debtor’s assets, we determine the possibility of recovery is not likely, we will recommend closure of the case.

• If our recommendation is litigation, you will have a decision to make. If you decide not to proceed with legal action, we will drop the case and you will owe our firm or our affiliated attorney nothing.

Service Areas

Small Business

Commercial Collections

Logistics Collections

Manufacturing Collections 

Staffing Collections

Land Surveying Collections