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frequently asked questions

When is it time to use a collection agency?

Money that is past due must be recovered quickly with haste and intention. Failing to do so may jeopardize the likelihood of a successful collection. Just remember the number 3, if your customer is 3 times over the net terms, had not returned 3 messages or has promised to pay 3 times without actually doing so it is time to take action. 

Why not collect internally?

While initial contact efforts will always be made in house failing to involve a 3rd party collection agency quickly can harm the chances of a successful collection. The longer you contact the party that owes you the less like they are to pay. Repetitive contact from a first party simply signals that you are not willing to invest the necessary resources to resolve the situation. Your debtor will remain uncompliant as long as continue to receive demands from their creditors directly.

How do I get paid?

DCI remits payments recovered from clients twice a month. We can tailor our remittance processes to your specific to you needs in most circumstances. We also enable clients to enroll in ACH payments so that you can put the money we collect to work for you as quick as possible.

What if my debtor still refuses to pay?

We utilize a network of hundreds of collection and litigation attorneys encompassing every jurisdiction in the United States and many worldwide. If your debtor remains non compliant we will provide a detailed evaluation of the claim considering the costs, merits, documentation and collectability of the claim.

How long does the process take?

At DCI our goal is to find a swift resolution to your collection matter. Upon receipt of your claim our agents will make their initial contact attempts and try to resolve the circumstance amicably. At the 30 day mark we will then start evaluating the case to see if it meets the requirements to be received by our legal forwarding department.