become an affiliate and start earning for your referrals today

We Are Looking For Partners In Your City

What It Means For You

If you have received this invitation then you already know what we can do to help businesses recover on their past due accounts. By becoming an affiliate you can earn a commission on funds we collect for companies that you refer to our office for collections.

Exclusive Territory 

By becoming an exclusive affiliate, we will develop advertising pages targeting your area. There is no work required on your end, the only thing we need from you is to be able to forward correspondence to your physical company address for marketing and verification purposes. In exchange for this all leads that are generated through the properties we develop will be credited to you as the affiliate. You will also be the only affiliate in your city so all traffic generated in your area will be your referrals.

Earn 5% of Whatever We Collect

When we receive referrals through the marketing pages that we develop in your territory, you will receive 5% of anything that we collect on behalf of the referral. This means for every $10,000.00 we collect on referrals submitted through the properties we develop, you will be paid $500.00. We handle all of the sales, onboarding and fulfillment.

Transparency and Trust 

As an exclusive affiliate you will have access to our online tracking tools to be able to track your referrals and the commissions earned for these referrals. In addition to this you will also be able to review the traffic being generated to the properties developed and have a host of tools to easily promote these properties on social media and other outlets with the click of a button.