We have Received Your File!

You have taken the first step to getting your money recovered. Below are a few key things to know now that we are handling your file.

  • It is very common for a debtor to contact the original creditor once placed in collections. It is important that our credibility is not undermined during the collection process. If your debtor contacts you tell them to contact your representation at 407-374-0000.
  • Documentation can be key to a successful collection. Please forward any additional documentation you may have on your claim to the agent you were speaking to so they may include the documents with your file or email them to claims@debtcollectorsinternational.com.
  • Now that we have received your placement our agents will begin dilligently working to recover your funds. While we are getting to work on this file, we want you to go through any additional accounts you may have so that we can get started on those as well.