Court Activity Search


The Court Activity Search tool is a specialized resource designed for legal professionals, financial analysts, and investigative researchers. This powerful tool provides detailed access to a variety of court records, offering invaluable insights for legal cases, financial assessments, and comprehensive background checks.


Key Features:

  1. Foreclosure Records: Access in-depth information on foreclosure proceedings, both past and current, to understand property and financial histories.
  2. Liens Search: Investigate liens against individuals and businesses, crucial for legal proceedings and financial assessments.
  3. Judgment Records:
    • Personal Judgments: Explore judgments against individuals, vital for personal background checks and legal cases.
    • Business Judgments: Access judgments against businesses, essential for corporate due diligence and financial analysis.
  4. Bankruptcy Filings:
    • Personal Bankruptcies: Detailed information on personal bankruptcy filings, offering insights into an individual’s financial history.
    • Business Bankruptcies: Comprehensive data on business bankruptcy filings, crucial for assessing corporate financial stability and risk.
  5. Eviction Records: Examine eviction details, providing valuable information for landlords, property managers, and legal professionals.

Ideal for:

  • Lawyers and legal professionals conducting case research
  • Financial analysts and credit institutions assessing risk
  • Real estate agents and property managers
  • Private investigators and background check companies
  • Individuals seeking legal and financial information

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Advanced search capabilities for precise information retrieval
  • Regularly updated records ensuring the most current and accurate data
  • Confidential and secure access to sensitive information

Customer Support:

  • Expert support team available for assistance and inquiries
  • Access to training materials and user guides

The Court Activity Search tool is the definitive resource for accessing comprehensive court-related records. Whether you’re dealing with legal cases, financial analysis, or conducting thorough background checks, this tool provides the detailed and reliable information you need.

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